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Luuup review

Luuup Review

Innovative No-Scooping Litter Box

Luuup litter box boasts a unique 3-tray sifting system that lets you forget about scooping, clean the litter box more easily and quickly, and even save in litter. In this Luuup review, we explore how this popular litter box works, whether it is suitable for all cats, and most importantly, whether it lives up to cat guardians’ high expectations.

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Litter-Robot III Open Air review

Litter Robot Review

The Most Advanced Self-Cleaning Litter Box

In this Litter Robot review, we provide answers to virtually all questions you may have about this automatic litter box. From its design and numerous handy features to training tips, customer feedback, and pricing, we bring you all the facts you need to decide whether Litter Robot is right for your cat(s).

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Modkat Litter Box review

Modkat Litter Box Review

The Most Stylish Top-Entry Litter Box

Modkat is a well-known top-entry litter box designed and manufactured by ModProducts LLC. It sports a modern and chic design, sturdy, utilitarian construction with very few moving parts, and excellent measures against litter tracking, unpleasant odors, and urine leaks. Read all about it in our comprehensive Modkat Litter Box review.

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cat lying on white table

How Do Cats Know How To Use The Litter Box?

March 7, 2019

Cats are known for their independence and they are not really considered easy animals to train. They are smart, naturally clean, and harbor particular bathroom habits that make potty training relatively easy! Have you ever wondered why that is? Find out why cats are easy to train for litter box use in this blog post.

cat in plastic litter box on floor

Tips For Controlling Cat Litter Tracking

March 4, 2019

Litter tracking is a huge problem, especially if you have multiple feline pets in your household. You need to make some changes to minimize litter scattering, but the good news is that these can be quite painless if you know exactly what you are doing. Read this short guide to pick up some useful tips and tricks and learn how to control litter tracking once and for all.

Litter Box on the floor

Most Common Cat Litter Box Problems

January 31, 2019

There are many potential reasons why your kitty might start refusing to use his or her litter box and many of them can be resolved without visiting the vet or animal behavioralist. Read this short guide to learn more about feline expectations and habits when it comes to litter boxes and how to prevent partial or complete litter box avoidance.

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