Are Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth The Money?

May 22, 2018

Self-cleaning litter boxes are normally more expensive than other litter boxes due to their innovative design and the advanced technologies they use. After all, it makes sense that it costs less to make a standard tray-like litter box than to build a device with plenty of large and small components that work together to fully automate the litter box cleaning process.

However, while it is logical that a more advanced solution costs more than the simpler versions, the real question is whether self-cleaning litter boxes are superior enough to justify the high prices. To help you decide whether a self-cleaning litter box is worth your money, we will highlight the major advantages of self-cleaning litter boxes in comparison to their non-automatic counterparts.

Are Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Worth The Money

No More Scooping

No matter how much you love your cat, dealing with your friend’s poop on a daily basis can hardly be described as fun. With self-cleaning litter boxes, you can forget about scooping and let the handy device do it for you, which is one of the primary reasons why cat guardians opt for self-cleaning litter boxes.

Designed To Meet Your Needs

Self-cleaning litter boxes do not just clean themselves; they also work in accordance with the schedule you determine. With the best litter boxes of this kind, you can start the cleaning cycles manually whenever you wish. You can also program the device to automatically start the cleaning cycle every couple of hours or once or twice a day. Finally, you can opt for the cat-activated mode, where the litter box starts the cleaning process shortly after the cat has used it.

With these 3 start cycle options, you can have your self-cleaning litter box running any way that works for you and your cat.

Better Odor Control

Since most self-cleaning litter boxes can be programmed to start the cleaning cycle minutes after the cat has deposited waste into the box, there is not much time for unpleasant odors to spread across the room. Furthermore, most top-rated self-cleaning litter boxes, like the popular Litter Robot, have handy waste drawers with carbon filters that prevent the odors from escaping the drawer. Thus, self-cleaning litter boxes are usually less smelly than ordinary models, as the waste is removed promptly and normally kept inside an odor-locking drawer until the cat guardian throws it out.

Ever-Clean Litter For Your Cat

With self-cleaning litter boxes, your furry friend does not have to wait for you to come home from work to clean the litter box. The litter can always be clean and ready to use, which cats greatly appreciate. This is particularly important because cats generally do not like doing their business in dirty, smelly toilets and may choose to do it elsewhere if they are not satisfied with the cleanliness of the litter box. Thus, by getting a self-cleaning litter box, you are minimizing the chance of your cat leaving little puddles and piles of waste around the house.

Ever-Clean Litter For Your Cat

Litter Saving

While self-cleaning litter boxes generally cost more than ordinary ones, they do allow you to save cash in the long run. They are designed to make maximum use of clean litter, so you do not have to go litter shopping too often. You get to save time, effort, and money, which is not a negligible advantage.

Quick & Easy Waste Disposal

When you remove waste with a scooper, there is quite a lot of manual labor involved in the process of waste disposal. On the other hand, with most self-cleaning litter boxes, waste disposal is as simple as taking out the trash. You remove the liner with the waste from the waste drawer and throw it into the trash. It is that simple. The process is even easier with self-flushing litter boxes such as CatGenie, which flushes the waste out of your home just like an ordinary toilet and requires no assistance on your part.

Making Matters Easy For Your Cat Sitter

If you get a self-cleaning litter box, you can go away on a long weekend without worrying about litter box cleaning. As long as your cat has food and water and a friend or cat sitter comes over to see if everything is ok, you can travel worry-free, knowing that your pal has a clean toilet to use at all times.

Better Solution For Multi-Cat Households

If you live with more than one cat, you probably have several litter boxes in your home, following the general rule of having 1.5 litter boxes per cat. If you invest in a good self-cleaning litter box, you can reduce the number of litter boxes in your home to just one.

As long as your cats are ok with using the same litter box and only care about the cleanliness of the box, a self-cleaning litter box can help you save on space and it may not cost more than the several ordinary litter boxes you would have to use otherwise.

Built To Last

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the best self-cleaning litter boxes are durable and can stay functional for years to come. Thus, while the initial price may be a bit high, by purchasing a self-cleaning litter box, you are getting a device that can last for a long time while making matters easier for you and keeping your cat(s) happy.

Bottom Line

To conclude, self-cleaning litter boxes have numerous advantages that make them superior to ordinary cat hygiene solutions. They may cost more, but if you opt for a high-quality self-cleaning litter box, you can be sure that the price is justified by the convenience the device provides. Thus, you just need to decide whether all of the abovementioned advantages are important to you and your cat. If the answer is yes, then a self-cleaning litter box is definitely worth your money.

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