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Take A Walk On The Cat Side & Learn What Matters Most In A Litter Box

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How Do Cats Know How To Use The Litter Box?

March 7, 2019

Cats are known for their independence and they are not really considered easy animals to train. They are smart, naturally clean, and harbor particular bathroom habits that make potty training relatively easy! Have you ever wondered why that is? Find out why cats are easy to train for litter box use in this blog post.

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Tips For Controlling Cat Litter Tracking

March 4, 2019

Litter tracking is a huge problem, especially if you have multiple feline pets in your household. You need to make some changes to minimize litter scattering, but the good news is that these can be quite painless if you know exactly what you are doing. Read this short guide to pick up some useful tips and tricks and learn how to control litter tracking once and for all.

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Most Common Cat Litter Box Problems

January 31, 2019

There are many potential reasons why your kitty might start refusing to use his or her litter box and many of them can be resolved without visiting the vet or animal behavioralist. Read this short guide to learn more about feline expectations and habits when it comes to litter boxes and how to prevent partial or complete litter box avoidance.

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Why Has My Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box?

January 30, 2019

If your kitty has suddenly stopped using the litter box, it must be because an unpleasant change has recently occurred. To identify the underlying cause of your cat’s change in toilet behavior, read this helpful article that outlines the most common issues that cause litter box avoidance and provides solutions for each of these potential problems.

Young cat use the Litter Box

Training Your Kitten To Use A Litter Box

January 21, 2019

When it comes to using the litter box, kittens are usually not hard to train, but they have certain preferences and needs that have to be satisfied. Learn how to choose the right litter box, how to make it attractive, and how to train your little kitty to use it independently in the shortest possible time.

Clean The Litter Box

How Often Should I Clean The Litter Box

December 14, 2018

Cats might have different personalities and habits, but they all want clean and odor-free litter boxes. Depending on your chosen maintenance routine, your kitty will either feel perfectly comfortable inside his or her toilet or start eliminating elsewhere. Read this guide to learn how often you should clean your cat’s litter box for optimal hygiene.

How To Choose The Right Litter

How To Choose The Right Litter

November 28, 2018

Cat litter has a difficult job of making both you and your kitties as happy as possible. Read this article to learn what cats really like and pick up some useful tips that will help you choose the right litter for your pet.

How Many Cats Can Use One Litter Box

How Many Cats Can Use One Litter Box?

November 12, 2018

Cats are social animals, but they can get extremely aggressive and territorial when it comes to their toilets. This is not a problem in one-cat households, but multiple cats with one litter box could potentially spell disaster if not handled properly. Read this post to learn how many cats can use one litter box in optimal conditions and how to avoid potential problems.

Multiple Litter Boxes

Pros & Cons Of Having Multiple Litter Boxes

November 9, 2018

Experts often recommend having one litter box per cat plus one extra litter box for emergencies. However, what they usually fail to mention are all the bad sides of having multiple litter boxes in your home. To help you get the real picture, we bring you a full overview of all the pros and the cons of having multiple litter boxes.

Control Litter Box Odors

How To Control Litter Box Odors

November 5, 2018

If unpleasant litter box smells are still polluting your home in spite of your best efforts, it is time to step up your game. From advice on choosing the right litter box to the easiest solutions for instant results, we bring you all the information you need to make your home smell great. Here are our top 7 tips for effortless litter box odor control.

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