Our Research

We are constantly looking for ways to strike a perfect balance between updating our existing content and searching for new, excellent products to show to our readers.

Behind every text we publish, there are days of research and exploration. We do all this to allow you as the end-user to make the most educated choice possible and find the best option for your pet.

We first explore the company itself to check its track record and overall dedication to building the best products they can build. Then, we focus on the litter boxes themselves and go over their features with a fine-tooth comb.

Litter boxes are not ideal for in-house testing, unfortunately. Testing all the products hands-on (more like paws-on) would require tremendous investments and logistics, not to mention time. That is why we mostly rely on personal experiences and reviews provided by both our readers and other users.

Apart from dedicated litter box reviews, we provide our readers with interesting blogs, up-to-date top lists, and comprehensive comparison charts. We also cover news regarding new products, features, noble initiatives and projects, and everything else cat-related.

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