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UPDATED Jan. 2021
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Litter Genie is a cat litter disposal system advertised as the “new nemesis of unpleasant litter odors.” In other words, it is a convenient waste disposal pail that will allow your feline friends to enjoy clean litter at all times while saving you countless visits to the trash bin. 

Litter Genie was designed and developed by a company called Edgewell Personal Care, which owns a portfolio of 25+ brands in more than 50 countries. After acquiring some of Edgewell’s brands back in 2009 and 2011, Energizer Holdings became Edgewell Personal Care, which means Energizer stands on the very top of this corporate pyramid. Suffice to say, we are talking about a company founded way back in 1896. 

If you want to discover the least annoying way to scoop and dispose of litter, we recommend reading the rest of our detailed Litter Genie review. 

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How Litter Genie Works

Litter Genie is a simple and convenient cat waste management system based on the design of self-contained diaper pails that control unpleasant odors with a built-in bag distribution system. In other words, it is NOT a cat litter box – it is where you put the soiled litter once you scoop the clumps out of the box.

With that out of the way, here’s how Litter Genie works: 

  • Scoop the waste from your litter box. 
  • Open the lid and simply drop the litter clumps inside. 
  • Pull back on the handle to lock it all in. 

As you can see, Litter Genie is very easy to use and it can hold up to two weeks’ worth of litter. If you have multiple cats, however, you may need to dispose of the litter more frequently.

Litter Genie implements perfect odor control thanks to its 7-layer refill bags with barrier technology that locks in both unpleasant smells and dangerous germs. One bag dispenser cartridge (provided with Litter Genie) should last up to 2 months. Litter Genie also comes with a handy scoop that you can place in the convenient compartment on the side of the system. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Litter Genie is made of plastic, which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Simply wash it with soap and water every time you empty it. You can also completely immerse it in water every now and then, but do not use overly abrasive and aggressive chemicals to clean it.

Litter Genie Design & Dimensions

Litter Genie is designed to fit pretty much anywhere. It can fit under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, and in other tight spaces, which makes it ideal for both apartments and basements. Most people, however, put it right beside their litter boxes for easier access. Its internal capacity is 1 gallon. 

Litter Genie weighs 3.26lbs and measures: 

  • 9.5″ in length 
  • 8.5″ in width 
  • 17″ in height 

This product is specifically designed as a waste disposal system for cats and is, therefore, not ideal for dog poo. Solid waste is best disposed of without using an intermediary waste bag. The company claims Litter Genie comes in a variety of colors, but the only color scheme we saw featured a silver base with a white trim and some black accessories. Litter Genie Plus, however, also comes in black with silver details.

Litter Genie Highlights

Litter Genie is a very convenient litter disposal system that allows you to take out the litter every two weeks instead of after each scooping. Here are some other advantages of this litter bin: 

7-Layer Refill Bags

The refill bag is designed to lock away unpleasant smells and hazardous germs with its odor barrier technology. 

Compact Design

The pail is designed to fit virtually anywhere, which makes it ideal for smaller apartments, basements, and other cramped spaces. What’s more, the easy-carry add-on makes it perfect for homes with multiple litter boxes.

Perfect Odor Control

Litter Genie effectively seals the soiled litter clumps, which prevents the spreading of odors and creates a more pleasant home environment. 

Anti-Microbial Protection

Apart from eliminating germ-induced odors, the implemented anti-microbial protection safeguards the health of your family. 

Easy To Use

There are only 3 simple steps between scooping the litter clumps and locking them away for good. 

Modern Exterior

Litter Genie’s smooth lines and attractive exterior will fit right into any room and complement your furniture. 

Litter Genie Highlights

Cost & Returns

Litter Genie costs $16.01. One bag dispenser cartridge that usually lasts up to 2 months per cat is included in the price. As we already mentioned in this Litter Genie review, if you prefer your litter trash bin in black & silver, the corresponding Plus pail costs $17.99 while the silver Genie Plus costs $14.95. You can also opt for the silver Litter Genie Plus with an additional 3-pack refill for $35.95.

Keeping in mind its low price, many owners of multiple cat litter boxes opt to buy one Litter Genie per box in order to save time and effort. For detailed information on the company’s return policy, please contact its Consumer Affairs Department at 1-877-876-8687 or through the contact form provided on the official Edgewell Personal Care website. You can also send a letter to: 

Edgewell Consumer Affairs
5901 West Side Avenue, 4th Floor
North Bergen, NJ 07047-6451 

Does Litter Genie Live Up To Expectations?

According to online reviewers, Litter Genie is not just easy to use, it is also super effective at reducing any odors, which is especially important if you put your Litter Genie in a smaller space or your bedroom.  

One of the best things about Litter Genie, as reported by its users, is how much time it saves on a daily level. Instead of taking out the trash after each and every scoop, you can simply dump it into the Genie and completely forget about it for up to two weeks.  

The negative comments are mostly directed at the replacement bags, which can get pretty costly in the long run. Some of the users recommend using regular 8-gallon trash bags in order to save some money along the way.  


  • Easy to use 
  • Effective odor control 
  • Anti-microbial protection 
  • 7-layer refill bags 
  • Compact and convenient design 
  • Modern exterior 
  • Inexpensive  


  • Costly refill bags 


Litter Genie is a very practical and easy-to-use waste disposal system. On the outside, it looks like a regular fancy trash can, but the interior hides a much more complex design.  

The system offers impressive odor control and successfully deals with dangerous microorganisms commonly found in feline feces. On the other hand, the outside construction still has some room for improvements since it does feel a bit flimsy at times. Despite this small shortcoming, Litter Genie gets the job done and it definitely provides great value for your money.

We hope our comprehensive Litter Genie review managed to shine some light on this product and show you how one smart design can completely change the way you look at litter disposal.  

User Reviews (3)

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  1. Georgios Barnes | 08/14/2018

    It’s basically a trash can with, but it doesn’t cost much and I guess it does its job ok. Doesn’t feels too sturdy and durable.

  2. Deborah Carter | 05/11/2018

    The odors are almost completely gone, which was the most important part since our litter box, cat box, and genie all sit in my daughter’s room. The refill bags really add up over time though.

  3. Margareth Lewis | 04/21/2018

    This little guy was a godsend! We have three litter boxes in our house and carrying the bag around to scoop litter was just a pain. It’s really cheap and does everything as advertised, so we bought three of them and never looked back.

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