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UPDATED Jan. 2021
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Live Pee Free! is a cat litter odor eliminator that uses positive ions to eliminate odor-causing chemicals contained in liquid waste. It can be used both in and around the litter box and it is compatible with all types of litter. It is a part of a larger line of pet odor eliminators manufactured by Zavada Scientific, a research and development company based in Dallas, Texas.

Thanks to its health-conscious formula, this efficient odor eliminator can be used daily, until you achieve the desired results. Read more about its method of action, benefits, and price in this Live Pee Free! review.

Live Pee Free! Cat Litter Odor Eliminator

How Live Pee Free! Works

The basic idea behind Live Pee Free! is as simple as it is ingenious. The product employs proprietary Liquid Positive Ion Odor technology that naturally eliminates odors on contact by using billions of positive odorless ions to cancel out the negative odor ions in liquid waste. The results can be noticed immediately and there are no return odors, as odor-causing chemicals are instantly removed.

Live Pee Free! litter odor eliminator comes in 2 variations: the standard odor eliminator, which is suitable for 1-2 pets, and the 2X odor eliminator particularly designed for multi-pet households.

No matter which option you choose, the application method is the same. Once a day, you should mist 4 to 5 sprays 3 feet above the litter box. When changing the litter, you should apply the spray on the bottom of the litter box to remove any lingering odors. If you want to remove airborne odors, you should spray Live Pee Free! at the top of the room daily until the unpleasant smell is gone.

Since Live Pee Free! is fragrance-free and instantly effective, it is easy to identify the spots that could benefit from multiple applications. Even after odors are removed, daily use is recommended to extend the odor life of the litter.

Why Choose Live Pee Free!

Now that you know how Live Pee Free! works, it is time to find out why this odor-killing spray may be a better choice than the majority of similar solutions. Here are the top distinctive qualities of Live Pee Free! odor eliminator.

Why Choose Live Pee Free

100% Odor Removal

Live Pee Free! does not lock in the odors, giving them the chance to escape over time. It uses unique technology to fully eliminate them by canceling them out with positive ions.

This maximum effectiveness is what makes it essentially different from most odor control solutions that may help reduce odor levels but still do not provide the kind of odor-free environment you get to enjoy with Live Pee Free! litter odor eliminator.

No Fragrances

Less effective solutions often use fragrances to mask the lingering odors, which can make the situation even worse. Live Pee Free! is free from fragrances, essential oils, citrus pulp, aldehydes, ketones, and encapsulations. This is important for 2 reasons. First, it makes it easier to test its effectiveness and discover which parts of the litter box or room need further treatment. Second, the absence of fragrances means that the product does not irritate your cat’s nose and lungs.

Versatile & Economical

Eliminating odors from the litter box is not always enough. Often, it is necessary to treat other surfaces in your home as well as the air in the room to banish all the smells.

With Live Pee Free!, you do not need multiple products to solve the pet odor problem, as you can use the spray to remove both airborne odors and surface odors. Furthermore, Live Pee Free! is available in large economy packs, so you can save cash not just on odor elimination but also on litter since the use of this product prolongs litter life.

Suitable For All Households

Whether you live in a single-pet or multi-pet household, Live Pee Free! can perfectly suit your needs. Recognizing the discrepancies in odor control requirements among different households, its creators have designed variations of different strengths to make it easy to get the right solution for your home.

Is Live Pee Free! Safe For Both Humans & Cats?

As mentioned before in this Live Pee Free! review, this odor eliminator’s health-conscious formula allows for a worry-free daily application. The product is free from potentially harmful substances of all sorts, including enzymes, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, alcohol, surfactants, detergents, surface tension reducers, and other harsh chemicals. Plus, its proprietary positive ion technology is designed to be safe not only for pets and humans but also the environment.

Live Pee Free! only contains purified water, proprietary positive ion technology, malic acid, and apple pectin extract. Thus, it is safe to use around your pets and children and it allows you to live in a healthier environment, free from unpleasant smells.

What Do Users Think Of Live Pee Free!?

User satisfaction tends to differ depending on expectations. Some users state that they can instantly notice the difference and they like that they can use the product daily to preserve the sense of freshness in their home. On the other hand, some users are not completely satisfied because it may take multiple applications to remove all odors, especially with old, persistent smells that may have infected the litter box itself. Thus, while they recognize the product’s effectiveness, they wish it was easier to instantly eliminate every trace of litter smells.

What all users agree on is that Live Pee Free! does permanently eliminate smells and they find it to be a pretty affordable and simple solution for the annoying litter odor problem.

What Do Users Think Of Live Pee Free


The price you pay depends on the quantity you opt for and whether you choose the standard Live Pee Free! cat litter odor eliminator for 1-2 pets or Live Pee Free! cat litter odor eliminator 2X for multi-pet households. With the standard Live Pee Free! odor eliminator, you can choose between the 16-oz. pack that costs $17.95, the 64-oz. pack that costs $49.95 and lets you save about $22, and the 128-oz. pack that costs just $84.95 and lets you save nearly $60 in comparison to the 16-oz. pack.

Live Pee Free! cat litter odor eliminator 2X is twice as strong and a bit more expensive. A 16-oz. pack costs $21.95, a 64-oz. pack costs $59.95 and lets you save about $28, and a 128-oz. pack costs $99.95 and lets you save about $75 in comparison to the smallest pack.

If you have any troubles removing odors with Live Pee Free!, you can get in touch with the company’s experts and get some free tips on how to achieve the best results with this odor eliminator.

  • Powerful positive ion technology
  • Complete airborne and surface odor elimination
  • Immediately observable results
  • Easy and safe daily application
  • Free from harsh chemicals and fragrances
  • Safe for use around children and pets
  • Suitable for single-pet and multi-pet households
  • Works with all litter types
  • Reasonable price


  • Stubborn odors require multiple applications


Live Pee Free! is an intelligently designed cat litter odor eliminator that leverages the power of positive ions and efficiently kills odors upon contact. It is safe and easy to use, it is available in both single-pet and multi-pet versions, it contains no fragrances, masking agents or hazardous chemicals, and it can be used to eliminate both airborne and surface odors. It does not work like magic and you may need to reapply it several times to make your home truly odor-free, but it is certainly effective and with daily use, it can help you completely forget about litter-related smells.

User Reviews (3)

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  1. Tracie Alameda | 10/11/2018

    Cheap and effective. Don’t know if it’s the best because honestly, it’s the first and only odor eliminator I’ve tried, but works for me. I just bought the 2X version even though I only have 2 cats, because the difference in the price is not that big and it really works well.

  2. Sam Garcia | 09/19/2018

    I tried all kinds of stuff to kill the odors in my cat’s litter box, I’m talking sprays, granules, all kinds of additives, you name it. I was on the verge of buying a new litter box because I thought nothing would help. I bought live pee free and sprayed it all over the litter box before pouring fresh litter. It literally worked like a charm, the foul smell was really gone. I don’t use it every day but I spray it every time I scoop and replace the litter and there are no odors, it really works.

  3. Paul Loe | 04/10/2018

    It’s better than baking soda and it is simple to use, but I expected more, daily spraying is not the kind of solution I was looking for.

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