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UPDATED Aug. 2021
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Luuup is an innovative 3-tray sifting litter box that represents a redesigned version of the eponymous litter box that raised more than CA$1,000,000 on Kickstarter in 2016. It is a product of Luuup, Inc., a young and successful Toronto-based startup.

Designed to be both stylish and functional, Luuup is a litter box that aims to minimize sticking, spilling, and odor – and make cleaning less of a chore. The modern, lightweight design and great ease of use make it quite attractive at first glance. In this Luuup review, we aim to find out whether this litter box has what it takes to win over cat parents who want to say goodbye to the scooper.

Luuup product

How Luuup Works

Luuup consists of 3 identical sifting trays. Any 2 trays form a solid base when stacked together and the third, top tray is used for sifting. Litter box cleaning is reduced to 3 simple steps: separating clumped waste from clean litter via sifting, tossing the waste into a garbage bag, and swiftly wiping the tray to eliminate possible residue.

The product’s weirdly spelled name comes from the perpetual sifting loop that is at the heart of the Luuup concept. Namely, when you clean the litter box, you simply lift the top tray and shake it gently, sifting the clean litter into the medium tray. Then you discard the waste, rotate the empty top tray by 180 degrees, and place it at the bottom of the stack. You repeat this process, which is referred to as a perpetual sifting loop, every time you clean the litter box. We are guessing that the strange spelling reflects the structure of the box, with the 3 Us standing for the 3 trays.

Getting Started With Luuup

To successfully use Luuup, you first need to learn how to stack it properly. The 3 trays feature handy tabs that let you know if you have done everything right. The bottom tray should match the orientation of the top tray. The middle tray should be rotated by 180 degrees so that the tabs on the adjacent trays alternate and all 3 trays feature a solid construction, with no rocking or slipping.

Once you have properly stacked the trays, you can place the spill guard on top of the structure and add about 15 pounds of clumping litter. When choosing litter, it is important to avoid wheat, pine, and walnut-based options and stick to high-quality crystal and clumping litters like Arm & Hammer Slide, World’s Best Cat Litter, Mimi Litter, and Pretty Litter.

At all times, the depth of the litter should be at least 3 to 4 inches to allow the liquids to clump properly before hitting the bottom of the tray. To avoid leakage and clogging, check the litter levels daily and refill as needed.

Although the spill guard is useful, it does not fully prevent spillage, so we recommend placing a litter mat underneath the box. With the trays stacked the right way, enough litter in the top tray, and preferably a litter mat under the box, your cat’s new Luuup is ready to use.

Luuup how work

Cleaning & Maintenance

The manufacturer recommends sifting once a day for optimal results. To clean the tray after sifting, you can use a cloth or a tissue and gently wipe the surface. Usually, the process takes just a few seconds and no energetic scrubbing is needed. From time to time, you can clean the trays more meticulously by using mild soap or detergent and giving the tray a thorough rinse.

Luuup Design & Dimensions

Luuup is an open-top lift-and-sift litter box that features a lively and modern design with 3 white sifting trays stacked together and a detachable turquoise spill guard that prevents litter and waste from getting kicked out of the box. Unfortunately, the litter box comes in only one color scheme and there are no custom accessories available in the Luuup online store, like a matt or a hood, so if you want to customize your litter box, you need to get creative and look elsewhere.

The litter box is made of durable, pet-safe materials, features a non-stick coating, and comes in one size that suits most cat breeds and sizes, with the possible exception of Maine Coon and other large breeds. It measures:

  • 20.2 inches in length;
  • 15.4 inches in width;
  • 5.2 inches in height (7.5 inches with the spill guard).

Luuup Highlights

Luuup’s design is quite minimalistic, but that does not take away from its functionality and usability. Here are some of Luuup’s most prominent characteristics that make it uniquely convenient.

3-Tray Sifting System

Thanks to Luuup’s unique 3-tray sifting system, there is no need for a scooper or liners. The lift-and-sift mechanism speeds up the cleaning process and you can use just about any garbage bag to dispose of the waste.

Luuup design Dimensions


With Luuup’s non-stick coating, you do not need to clean the trays thoroughly after every use. Residue is minimized and, most of the time, sifting gets rid of nearly all the waste, even the liquid clumps.


The anti-microbial surface prevents the growth of microorganisms responsible in great part for the familiar foul smell of litter boxes. Odor is significantly reduced, although not eliminated, due to Luuup’s fully open design.

Spill Guard

The spill guard is designed to catch the particles your cat may kick out or carry on the paws while leaving the litter box. While not 100% effective, it does reduce the amount of spilled particles that end up outside the box.

Litter Saving

Luuup allows you to make full use of the litter, as all the unused litter from the top tray is sifted into the medium tray, ready to be reused. This economical design lets you save some cash and go litter shopping less often.

Is Luuup Right For My Cat(s)?

As mentioned before in this Luuup review, this litter box is quite simple and there is nothing unusual about it from the cat’s perspective. As long as your cat can comfortably fit inside the box and does not mind the absence of a hood, it should take virtually no time for your furry friend to get used to the new litter box. Since the box with the spill guard attached is high-sided, it is also suitable for cats that spray high when they go. However, it is also low enough for older cats to get into the box problem-free.

Is Luuup Right For My Cat

If your cat is particularly shy and not used to open-top litter boxes, Luuup can still work for him or her. However, you may need to resort to some tricks, like using Luuup’s original box as a hood to create a sense of privacy.

In essence, apart from potential size and timidity issues, there is basically no reason why Luuup would not be a good fit for your cat. Still, it is worth noting that if you have a multi-cat household, you need multiple Luuup litter boxes since Luuup can accommodate the needs of only 1 cat.  

Cost & Returns

Luuup litter box costs $60. If you purchase just 1 litter box, shipping is not free and the shipping and handling costs may vary depending on your location.

If you purchase 2 Luuup litter boxes, you pay $120 in total and get free shipping. If you buy 3 Luuup litter boxes at once, you get a 20% discount, so you pay just $144 for all 3 litter boxes and shipping is free of charge.

Luuup price

Luuup litter box is available throughout the contiguous US and Canada. The product comes with a 30-day warranty that covers manufacturing defects and a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return your litter box within 30 days of the delivery day and get a refund. If you decide to return the litter box, it is important to keep in mind that shipping and handling costs are non-refundable and that a 15% restocking fee may apply if the returned litter box has been used.

Does Luuup Live Up To Expectations?

Most users agree that Luuup is an attractively-designed litter box that makes waste elimination quite easy, with no scooping needed. However, there are a few common complaints that are worth mentioning.

First of all, users state that the non-stick surface of the trays does not seem to be 100% resistant to sticking, which means that you still need to clean the trays after sifting. However, the truth is that as long as the litter clumps properly, cleaning is reduced to a minimum, so 90% of the time you can just wipe the tray clean in seconds.

Second, users point out that the slits in the trays tend to get clogged. This is true, but it has less to do with the inherent qualities of Luuup and more to do with litter quality and maintenance. Namely, with low-quality litter and low litter levels, the liquid does not clump properly, which may not only cause clogging but also result in leaks. On the other hand, maintaining the minimum depth of litter and choosing the right litter can solve both of these problems.

That being said, we can conclude that there are a couple of common issues with Luuup, but they are quite easy to solve. The recurring complaints are not always related to the litter box itself but instead mostly focus on litter-related issues. Thus, Luuup does work as well as expected, as long as the user carefully follows the instructions and litter recommendations.

  • 3-tray sifting system
  • No scooping
  • Non-stick coating
  • Anti-microbial surface
  • Durable, pet-safe materials
  • Easy maintenance
  • Spill guard
  • Short adjustment period
  • Compatible with all high-quality crystal and clumping litters
  • 30-day warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • May leak from the bottom
  • Tray slits may get clogged
  • Not suitable for multiple cats


Luuup is a convenient litter box that replaces scooping with sifting, allows you to save cash on litter, and lets you save time on cleaning. It is durable, safe to use, and most cats get used to it right away. It features a modern design and an anti-microbial, non-stick surface that reduces the amount of used litter that needs to be scraped from the trays. It is not as advanced a solution as an automatic litter box, but it does make cleaning significantly easier.

The most commonly reported issues can be avoided by choosing the right litter and carefully stacking and restacking the trays. One considerable downside is that it is only suitable for 1 cat, so you need to purchase multiple litter boxes if you live with several furry friends. However, keeping in mind its downsides, Luuup still remains several steps ahead of classic litter boxes and it is a pretty good choice for cat guardians who are tired of scooping and the dull, lifeless look of the standard square litter boxes.

User Reviews (6)

Luuup customer rating based on 6 user reviews.

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  1. KRM | 02/13/2021

    The sheer volume of negative reviews out there is staggering. No one looking at this “9.9/10” rating should think of it as anything real. There are HUNDREDS of people (maybe thousands) who are complaining that their recurring subscription for cat litter is still being charged, even when their litter hasn’t been arriving for many, many months. There are no contact options on the Luuup website. Something is terribly wrong. I have a box, unopened and, now that I’ve spent 15min online doing the research, I won’t be using it but will be offering it for sale to someone who SAYS they’re awesome. Almost sixty bucks for a littler box that we’ll never use.

  2. Vee | 07/28/2020

    I got the Luuup from Kickstarter about 3-4 years ago and only used it once. It looked very modern, but when you think about it, you have to lift the weight of your litter each time you clean your kitty’s bathroom business. That means you are inhaling the smells at arms length.

  3. | 05/19/2020

    The product is great, but I bought $300 worth of litter and boxes from them and never received the items.

    • Theresa | 07/14/2020

      When did you buy them. They have been sold out for about a year. I was curious if they went out of business.

  4. Amy Lopez | 02/25/2019

    Luuup seemed like it would be a nightmare to clean but it’s really easy once you get your litter right. It really does reduce unpleasant smells but doesn’t contain them 100% if you’re using anything but top-quality crystals in our experience.

  5. Stephanie Jackson | 01/15/2019

    The only place in our apartment where we can store this giant box was pretty open and exposed and our shy little girl had some issues using it. We had to improvise to give her a makeshift cover and that fixed the problem so keep that in mind if your furballs are as shy as our lyra.

  6. Sandra Harris | 10/28/2018

    Luuup doesn’t mix well with any litter that doesn’t dry quickly. If you try to sift while the litter is still moist, it will stick to the grooves at the very bottom and make the whole thing much more complicated than it needs to be. Once I switched to a quick-dry brand though everything just fell right into place.

  7. Dorothy Thomas | 10/20/2018

    Higher railing on this box almost completely eliminated litter tracking in our apartment. That said, our oldest cat had some troubles getting in and out so I wouldn’t recommend it for old or sick pets since they definitely won’t be able to use it as intended.

  8. Mason Garrett | 08/20/2018

    When I saw it on Kickstarter, I really though it was amazing. Don’t know why, but I expected more. It works fine, but it definitely isn’t as simple as sift and toss, my cats pee on the sides of the tray and it all sticks to the surface, so I have to scrape it every time. Could cost less.

  9. Lauren Marble | 05/14/2018

    Looks beautiful, easy to use, bought 2 and have been using them for months, never had any problems with leaks and spills. A mat is necessary though.

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