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UPDATED Jan. 2021
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NEON Litter is fun and flamboyant clumping silica gel litter designed to bring more color into your litter box cleaning routine and make the whole process easier and less boring. It is a product of Ultra Pet, Inc., a South Carolina company specializing in Earth-friendly, cat-safe, cat-attractive litter.

Light, soft, super-absorbent, and odor-free, NEON Litter is among the most popular, highest-quality cat litters on the market. In 2016, it was voted the best new cat product of the year at SuperZoo, the most-attended pet industry trade show in all of North America. Find out if it is the best cat product for your home in this honest NEON Litter review.

NEON Litter homepage

Why Choose NEON Litter

We have to admit that when we first saw NEON Litter, it seemed to us that the company primarily focused on making its litter visually appealing. Fortunately, we were wrong. NEON Litter proved to be as convenient and functional as it is colorful. These are the qualities that impressed us most during our research.


NEON Litter is silica gel litter made of a natural mineral frequently used as a drying agent. It is highly porous and efficiently absorbs moisture up to 40 times its weight. It does not only soak up liquid waste but easily dries solid waste as well, making scooping easier and less messy.

The only downside to its impressive absorbent power is that it absorbs moisture from the air as well. Thus, it is not a good choice for bathroom-located litter boxes, as it may waste its capacity on soaking up the excess moisture from the air.

Sandy Texture

NEON Litter beads highly resemble sand, both in size and feel. Thanks to the fine texture, the litter bed is soft and gentle on the paws, which will definitely make your cat happy.

70% Lighter Than Clay Litter

In comparison to most clay litters, NEON Litter is about 70% lighter, which many cat parents greatly appreciate, as it is easier to carry and pour.


What is particularly important is that NEON Litter is perfectly safe for your cat. It only contains silica gel made of a natural, non-toxic mineral, clumping agent made of natural peapods, and food coloring, so there is nothing in it that could endanger the health of your pets and other family members.

Due to the similar name, it is important to note that the silica gel used in the production of NEON Litter is not the potentially harmful crystalline silica but a completely safe, non-toxic material approved for cat use.

NEON Litter Cat Safe

Natural & Reliable Clumping Agent

Since silica gel does not clump on its own, the manufacturer of NEON Litter has decided to use guargum, a safe, natural clumping agent that produces solid clumps that are easy to remove. The only problem is that it may take a few hours for the clumping process to be complete, which is why NEON Litter should not be used in self-cleaning litter boxes.

Infrequent Scooping

If you only have 1 cat, you can scoop as rarely as twice a week, as odors are almost completely eliminated and the moisture is efficiently absorbed. However, if your cat is a diabetic or if you have more than 1 cat, it may be necessary to scoop more frequently.

Fun & Decorative

NEON Litter is available in pink, green, orange, blue, and purple colors, with more color options on the way. The colors are incredibly vibrant and you can make lovely pieces of litter art by mixing, matching, and drawing with the litter scoop.

The NEON Litter website contains a whole section dedicated to litter art instructions and the folks from Ultra Pet encourage you to share photos of your masterpieces with the NEON Litter community.

NEON Litter Performance

Based on everything stated in the previous section of this NEON Litter review, this unique cat litter has all it takes to facilitate litter box cleaning and take away the smelliness. Let us find out exactly how well it performs in real-life use.

NEON Litter Performance

Odor Control

NEON Litter boasts above-average odor control due to the porousness of its silica gel beads. Unpleasant odors are almost completely eliminated and users often cite this quality as one of the major advantages of NEON Litter.


With NEON Litter, tracking is reduced in comparison to many of its competitors, but it is not fully prevented. Thus, we do recommend investing in a litter mat that can catch most of the litter that may get kicked out or stuck on your cat’s paws.

Dust Control

NEON Litter is advertised as dust-free, which from our experience is not completely true. Although NEON Litter does well in this department and the amount of observable dust is significantly minimized, excess moisture may result in the dissolution of beads, so frequent raking is recommended.


To prevent liquids from collecting at the bottom of the litter pan, you should maintain litter depth of 2-3 inches. After you initially fill the litter box, a single 4-pound bag of NEON Litter should be enough for one month of refills per cat.

Do Cats Like NEON Litter?

In terms of first impressions, cats of various personalities react differently to NEON Litter, depending on how fond they are of novelty. However, they normally get used to it immediately after the first use. They react positively to its sand-like texture that feels right under their paws, as it resembles the kind of surface they would seek in the outdoors.

Since cat eyes are not as sensitive to color as human eyes, the flamboyance of NEON litter is not as obvious or important to cats. Thus, they see it more or less like any other litter and mostly focus on the pleasant tactile sensation.

In addition to the sandy texture, great odor control and absorbent power are the main reasons why cats usually like NEON Litter. Since their toilet is neither wet nor smelly, they are far less likely to do their business elsewhere.

Although the majority of cats get used to NEON Litter right away, some cats simply do not enjoy such changes in their toilet environment. If you notice that your cat is a bit reluctant to give the new litter a try, you can pour a bit of the old, used litter on top of NEON Litter to facilitate the adjustment. After a couple of uses and refills, your cat should be perfectly fine with using NEON Litter instead of the old brand and may quickly grow to prefer it over other litters, simply because it feels good.


A single 4-pound bag of NEON Litter costs $14.99, regardless of the color, but if you order more than 1 bag, you can pay significantly less. For example, if you get 2 bags (different colors), you get to save 15%. With 3 different bags, you get 1 free of charge and if you purchase 4 bags, you get 2 for free.  A pack of 12 bags comes with a 40% discount and if you order 24 bags, you only pay half the price.

Plus, you can get additional discounts if you choose to subscribe and if you successfully refer a friend, both you and your friend get 10% off your order. Shipping is free for orders within the continental US. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or outside the US, you can save on shipping if you order 4 or more bags.

If there is something wrong with your order, you can get a replacement or a full refund within 14 days after delivery.

  • Excellent odor control
  • Minimized dust
  • Reduced tracking
  • Soft on the paws
  • Easier cleaning
  • 100% safe and non-toxic
  • 70% lighter than clay litter
  • Great for making colorful litter art
  • Regular discounts & special deals
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for self-cleaning litter boxes
  • Should not be kept in the bathroom


NEON Litter is innovative, lightweight, highly porous and absorbent, and fun to use. It is perfectly safe for both cats and humans, it reduces tracking and dust formation, and it boasts great odor control. Cats love it for its sandy texture and exceptional ability to absorb smells and moisture and they get used to it easily and quickly. It is not the cheapest litter on the block, but with regular discounts, it is more than affordable if you buy larger quantities at once.

Although it is not suitable for self-cleaning litter boxes and suffers from diminished efficiency in bathrooms, its functionality and colorfulness make it a must-try litter for all cat parents who want to make litter box cleaning less tiresome and more enjoyable.

User Reviews (3)

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  1. Christina Thompson | 09/10/2018

    Odors are really gone, which is wonderful, and the litter clumps really well. I bought 4 bags and got 2 for free, so it turned out to be pretty cheap as well.

  2. Dave Harbison | 06/21/2018

    Great overall but does nothing about tracking, probably because it’s so lightweight.

  3. Rachel McGuire | 02/22/2018

    We love our new litter! Lizzy played in it for half an hour the first day and didn’t mind the change at all, even though I used a different brand for 2 years. It clumps well, odors are unnoticeable, and the litter art tips are really inspiring, my best friend and I really enjoyed working on our abstract piece of art before Lizzy jumped in 😀

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