Omega Paw Litter Box Review

UPDATED Aug. 2021
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Omega Paw Litter Box is one of the most famous and best-selling litter boxes designed to strike the perfect balance between a budget-friendly and automated system for waste management. It is also one of the rare litter boxes specifically designed for larger (or multiple) cats, including Main Coons, Ragdolls, and other larger breeds. 

Omega Paw is a privately held company launched way back in 1994 that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative cat and dog products. It does not sell its products directly but through a network of carefully vetted distributors. If you own a larger cat or multiple feline friends, read the rest of our Omega Paw Litter Box review to see how this unique product can change the way you look at litter scooping and waste disposal. 

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How Omega Paw Litter Box Works

With Omega Paw Litter Box, you never have to touch the plastic litter scoop ever again. Apart from being manually operated (without any motors or electrical circuitry), Omega Paw Litter Box relies on similar principles to those of Litter Robots 2 and 3.

This litter box is very easy to set up. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Insert the sifting screen between the tabs; 
  • Bend the upper portion of the screen and push it into the designated channel along the box edge; 
  • Lock the hood into place; 
  • Slide in the scoop.

Omega Paw Litter Box will perform best with clumping and silica litters. 3 inches of litter should be inside the box at all times.

To remove waste from the litter tray in mere seconds, simply follow these steps: 

  • Roll the box to the right until the top touches the floor;
  • Some of the clean litter will also end up in the waste tray, so roll the box slightly to the left to allow it to get back into the litter tray;
  • Shake the box thoroughly to even out the litter. 

When you roll Omega Paw Litter Box to the right, an internal sifting screen will separate the waste clumps from the clean litter and lock them into a designated tray where they will remain until disposed of. The waste tray is hermetically sealed, which provides you with perfect odor control. 

To empty the waste tray, simply pull it out and dispose of the waste. Since Omega Paw Litter Box is a rather large litter box, you will need a pretty big area to roll it to its sides. The company recommends a minimum of 6-8 feet. 

Omega Paw Litter Box is very easy to maneuver, so even elderly individuals will be able to perform the roll’n’clean process without any difficulties. One batch of litter (with an appropriate number of refills) should last between 1.5 and 2 months, after which you should replace it and thoroughly clean the box. The box can be cleaned with a soft cloth or towel and mild detergent. The company does not recommend overly aggressive or abrasive chemicals and scouring pads.

Omega Paw Litter Box Design & Dimensions

On the outside, Omega Paw Litter Box looks like any other hooded litter box. Its right side, however, is gently curved as to accommodate for the waste scoop. On the inside, it features a rather clever automatic sifting system that separates waste clumps from the clean litter. The sifting screen located between the litter pan and the waste collector will let the soiled litter clumps pass through to the pullout scoop while keeping the clean litter where it belongs. 

Omega Paw Litter Box Design and Dimensions

Omega Paw Litter Box measures: 

  • 23.5″ in height 
  • 21.2″ in width 
  • 10.5″ in length 

The entryway measures 8.5″ in width and 10″ in height, so larger cats (15lbs+) should not have any problems getting in or out of the box. The entryway is also positioned pretty low, so even older and disabled cats will be able to access it without difficulties. 

Omega Paw Litter Box features only one color combination, a dark gray top with a light gray bottom. You may see this model referred to as “pewter,” which indicates the coloring of the hood, not the materials used. Omega Paw Litter Box is entirely made of plastic. 

Omega Paw Litter Box Highlights

Omega Paw Litter Box is a pretty unique semi-automatic litter box designed to service larger or multiple cats while facilitating the litter scooping process and taking waste management to a whole new level. Here are some of its other advantages: 


Omega Paw Litter Box is designed to separate waste from the clean litter without manual scooping and collection, which saves both time and effort for owners of multiple cats. 

Easy To Use

Omega Paw Litter Box is very light for its size (7.6lbs), so even the elderly can use it without any difficulties.  

No Electricity, Filters Or Liners

You will save a lot of money while using Omega Paw Litter Box since you will not have to buy any filters or liner replacements or use electricity or batteries. 

Patented Sifting Grill

The grill screen separates the two sides of the box and sifts through the litter as you roll the box left and right. It stores the litter clumps in the designated collection scoop while allowing the clean litter back into the tray. 

Easy Assembly

Omega Paw Litter Box is very easily put together, even children can do it. The assembly process includes only 4 simple steps. 

Roll’N’Clean System

The signature feature of this litter box is its roll’n’clean system. Simply roll the box to the right and then to the left to separate clean litter from the waste clumps. 

Perfect Odor Control

Omega Paw Litter Box stores the waste inside a hermetically sealed collection scoop, which eliminates any unpleasant odors from your home. 

No Dust

The proprietary roll’n’clean system and hermetically sealed scoop minimize the amount of dust released during the cleaning process.

Made For Big Cats

Omega Paw Litter Box is one of the rare litter boxes specifically designed for larger cats. This also makes it a perfect choice if you have multiple cats in your home, as long as they do not mind sharing their bathroom. 

1-Year Warranty

Omega Paw Litter Box comes with a 1-year warranty against any defects concerning materials and/or workmanship. 

Is Omega Paw Litter Box Right For My Cat(s)?

As we already mentioned in this Omega Paw Litter Box review, this litter box is perfect for larger cats. It is also one of the best solutions on the market if you have multiple felines in your home. Also, if your cats feel timid around electronic litter boxes, Omega Paw Litter Box will solve your problem without making you scoop litter manually. Finally, it is a fully hooded litter box, so it also caters to felines who like their privacy while doing business.

Omega Paw Litter Box is not recommended for cats with frequent stool problems (diarrhea, for example). 

Omega Paw Litter Box Right For My Cat

Cost & Returns

Omega Paw Litter Box costs $39.15 and features one of the best price-to-value ratios on the market. Its lack of electronic components allows for a very budget-friendly price tag compared to motor-operated self-cleaning equivalents that start at $150 and reach up to $500. 

Since Omega Paw Litter Box does not sell its products directly to customers, you will have to purchase it from one of its distributors, most frequently found on Amazon. It is good to know that Amazon’s general 30-day money-back guarantee applies to this litter box as well. To initiate a return, you should contact Amazon’s Online Return Center and request a return authorization from the seller. 

Omega Paw Litter Box also comes with a 1-year warranty against all defects in materials and workmanship. 

Does Omega Paw Litter Box Live Up To Expectations?

What users liked the most about Omega Paw Litter Box is its impressive functionality, especially considering its price tag. Putting in just a bit more effort into separating clean litter from the waste can save you hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend on a motorized litter box. Omega Paw Litter Box is also very easy to use since there is no programming involved, just a simple roll’n’clean action. 

Since Omega Paw Litter Box does not feature an intricate control panel or exposed buttons, your cat can literally walk all over it without the fear of messing with any preset programs and setups. Once you go through the cleaning cycle, all the waste will fall into the air-tight built-in tray for easy disposal. 

According to its users, Omega Paw Litter Box provides perfect odor control thanks to its hermetically sealed waste disposal tray, meaning it protects your home against invasive smells as well as dangerous microorganisms commonly found in feline feces. On the other hand, we have seen reports of the plastic slowly chipping away during the rolling process, so we would have to recommend improvements when it comes to the box’s sturdiness and durability. One of the most common user complaints, however, is the fact that the top and bottom clamshells have to be clipped perfectly during the rotational process in order to prevent waste from ending up all over the floor. 


  • Self-cleaning 
  • Easy assembly 
  • Easy to use 
  • No electricity, filters or liners needed 
  • Perfect odor and dust control 
  • Made for larger (or multiple) cats 
  • Affordable price tag 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Plastic sometimes chips during cleaning 
  • Cleaning process requires a lot of free space 


Omega Paw Litter Box allows you to automate your litter scooping process for just a fraction of the cost of any fully automatic litter box out there. Its 3-part construction is very simple to assemble and the ergonomic shape of the box makes it very easy to roll. The sifting grate separates the waste from the clean litter on its own, sealing it in an air-tight disposal scoop. 

On the other hand, the construction leaves something to be desired. The plastic tends to chip during cleaning and you will have to triple check the slide hooks to make sure they are properly attached.

After everything we said in this Omega Paw Litter Box review, we still perceive this litter box as a significant improvement over manual scooping. It offers so much utility that every cat owner could definitely use one. Yes, its construction and the materials used are not exactly ideal, but it is to be expected considering its ridiculously low price. 

User Reviews (4)

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  1. Jenna Gordon | 08/07/2018

    Finally, a cheap but decent litter box that can house my fat little baby. He currently sits at 18lbs and this box works perfectly. He has enough space to fidget around when he’s inside and the top cover helped us overcome his shyness problem.

  2. Ian Gordon | 06/24/2018

    Excellent product that really opens up new possibilities to cat owners who might not be able to afford the fancy litter robot whatever. My cats absolutely love it and I don’t have to keep three separate litter boxes in my house anymore. There were some problems with sharing in the beginning but we’re way past that now.

  3. Maria Black | 04/15/2018

    This box really helps out on a daily basis. However, the plastic isn’t all that great and the “grill” part falls out now and then when I roll the box. Can’t really complain since it costs next to nothing compared with other self cleaning litter boxes.

  4. Ann Jackson | 02/11/2018

    I can’t believe people didn’t think of this before! There’s no way I can afford that robot thingy anytime soon, so this is basically the same thing, but you have to roll it around a bit. No problem!

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