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UPDATED Jun. 2021
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Petphabet is a fully hooded cat litter box designed for simplicity and utility by a well-known Canadian company that bears the same name. Petphabet is one of the current best-sellers for pet supplies on with more than 20k satisfied customers. 

Continue reading our detailed Petphabet review to learn all there is about this litter box and see whether or not it fits the needs and preferences of your feline friends. 

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How Petphabet Works

Petphabet is a very simple cat litter box developed to facilitate the scoping process while providing your cat with a comfortable and private toilet. 

It is specifically created for larger or multiple cats, so even your Maine Coons should be able to go in and out, squat, and turn around in the box without any problems. Its transparent hood will provide your pet with a much-needed dose of privacy while allowing him or her to monitor his or her surroundings. The enclosed design will also prevent any liquid oversprays and litter flinging. You can choose to use the box without the hood if your cat’s temperament and toilet habits permit it.  

Once Petphabet reaches your home, all you have to do is connect the hood to the base and pour some of your favorite litter in the pan. The pan is deep enough to prevent any unwanted odors from spreading around your home. The box also features anti-microbial technology embedded in the material, which protects you and your family against any dangerous microorganisms.   

Depending on how many cats are using the Petphabet litter box, you will have to scoop the litter clumps more or less frequently. You should replace the litter completely at least once a month, which is also a good opportunity to clean the litter box thoroughly. Wash it with water and mild soap without any overly aggressive or abrasive chemicals. Since it features no electrical components, you can immerse the box in water completely or even wash it in your bathtub.

Petphabet Design & Dimensions

As we already mentioned in this Petphabet review, the box is designed for one large or two average cats, which means it is pretty big. It is entirely made of heavy-duty plastic, which protects it from any structural damage even after prolonged and intensive use. 

The bottom pan is deep enough to prevent unpleasant odors but low enough to allow older or disabled cats to go in and out of the box without any problems. The transparent hood locks safely into place and prevents urine oversprays and litter flinging while providing your pet with extra privacy. You can choose to leave the entryway open or close it with a provided color strip. 

Petphabet Dimensions

Petphabet litter box measures: 

  • 25″ in length 
  • 20″ in width 
  • 17″ in height 

The size of the entryway is 8.2″ x 7.8″.  

Petphabet comes in a wide variety of colors, including light blue, magenta, orange, purple, teal, and yellow.

Petphabet Highlights

Petphabet is a minimalistic litter box that shows that you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy motorized models in order to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home. Here are some of its notable highlights: 

Easy To Set Up & Use

Petphabet is ready to use in mere seconds. Simply pop the hood on the lower base and pour your favorite litter.  

Designed For Larger Cats

Petphabet is very spacious, so it can accommodate larger cat breeds or two average cats at once.  

Low Entryway

The litter pan is deep enough to contain unpleasant odors, but it features a lowered entryway, so even older cats can use it without any problems whatsoever.

Petphabet Highlights

Good Odor Control

Thanks to its deep litter pan, Petphabet provides cat owners with a pretty good defense against any unwanted odors. Keep in mind that the litter you choose also plays a big role in odor control.

Prevents Spillovers & Litter Flinging

The hood encapsulates the box completely and prevents even the most aggressive of pee-ers from making a mess all over your floor. This also includes the inability to fling litter or soiled clumps out of the box.  

Extra Privacy For Your Pet(s)

Petphabet is a fully hooded litter box, which means your cat(s) will have an extra dose of privacy if they are shy and startled easily. On the other hand, the hood is completely transparent, so they will still be able to monitor their surroundings at all times.  

Anti-Bacterial Technology

Petphabet features anti-bacterial technology that fights off microorganisms that are commonly found in cat feces.  

Non-Sticking Surface

Petphabet is made of tough and durable plastic designed to prevent any litter clumps from ever sticking to the box.


Petphabet is rather cheap and does not require any additional filters, liners, litter trays, and other disposable (and costly) components. 

Is Petphabet Right For My Cat(s)?

As we already mentioned in this Petphabet review, this litter box was developed with larger cats in mind. This also means that it can be a good solution for households with two cats. The entryway is low enough to compensate for the potential lack of climbing and jumping abilities, so even older, sick, and disabled cats can use this litter box without any difficulties. 

Petphabet For My Cat

The hooded design is perfect for cats who prefer their privacy while doing business. On the other hand, you can also remove the hood if your pet is more easy-going. With all this in mind, Petphabet is one of the most versatile litter boxes on the market and has no limitations whatsoever. In other words, any cat can use it, which is just a testament to its great design. 

Cost & Returns

Petphabet litter box costs $42.99, which is an excellent price considering the value offered in return. Unfortunately, we were not able to find any information about a money-back guarantee or warranty against potential defects.  

You can always contact the company directly through the provided contact form on the official website and ask the customer support representatives any questions you might have at any given point.  

Does Petphabet Live Up To Expectations?

Petphabet is deceptively minimalistic but does a lot of things right, according to users who bought it for their pets. 

Most customers point out how easy it is to set it up and start using it. Since there are no electrical parts and motors, their pets got acclimated to it rather quickly, without any special training methods. Users with larger cats were especially satisfied since they finally found the right toilet for their pets without having to spend hundreds of dollars. 

According to users, Petphabet is not only easy to use but easy to clean and maintain. The top hood can be removed for easier access during scooping or cleaning. The best thing is that this litter box is made of two pieces of plastic, so you can technically disassemble it and wash it down with a water hose.

The design of the box is pretty simple but very effective. The hood will make even the most introverted of cats feel safe and cozy while going to the toilet while simultaneously preventing urine sprays and litter flinging. Users point out that the box does not leak anywhere, including the seam between the hood and the base. 


  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Excellent design 
  • Made of heavy-duty durable plastic 
  • Good odor control 
  • Non-sticking surface 
  • Anti-microbial technology 
  • Fully transparent hood 
  • Low entryway 
  • Works for larger cats 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Cheap 


  • No warranty/money back guarantee information 
  • Subpar user support 
  • Glossy pan coating tends to rub off after a while 


This Petphabet review revealed a very simple litter box that offers much more utility than one may think just by looking at it. It is designed to accommodate all the needs of larger or multiple cats while saving their owners time, effort, and money. That being said, the box consists of just two pieces of plastic, so its performance depends on the type of litter you choose, the temperament and behavioral patterns of your pets, the presence of other pets in the house, and many other factors. 

Bottom line, Petphabet is an excellent litter box for the price – and it definitely shows that simpler (and cheaper) is sometimes better. 

User Reviews (3)

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  1. Sue | 05/30/2020

    I bought this it is damaged the lid does not fit and urine leaks all over the floor. Do not buy

  2. Madison Powell | 12/17/2018

    This litter box is a lifesaver if you have more than one cat in a tiny apartment. The online pictures didn’t do it justice though, this thing is freakin’ huge! My three cats can all fit right in at the same time with plenty of room to spare. It also very simple without any complicated parts which makes it very easy to clean. The price however could be a bit lower I think since we are talking about a couple of sheets of plastic.

  3. Mariah Jones | 08/22/2018

    I just replaced my omega paw with petphabet and I am just extatic. Sure I have to clean it manually and whatnot but it’s kjust so simple and yet efective. Who would know that 2 pieces of plastic can do things better than the auto cleaning mehanism.

  4. Aida Green | 04/25/2018

    The box is pretty good and does exactly what the ad said it would. No problems there. However, I DO have a problem with Pephabet user support constantly pestering me to leave more and more user reviews. I suppose they want to boost the count by making the same user constantly posting reviews, so I definitely do not like this practice.

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