PetSafe Simply Clean Review

UPDATED Aug. 2021
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PetSafe Simply Clean is an environmentally friendly self-cleaning litter box system designed to provide your feline pets with optimal comfort and safety. It was designed and developed by PetSafe, a company launched back in 1991 and purchased by Radio Systems Corporation, which owns many other respectable brands, including SportDog, Invisible Fence, Innotek, and others.

PetSafe is known for conducting extensive in-house tests and for implementing the ISO-9001 and ISO-22000 standards for product development, manufacturing, testing, and inspection. The company is also famous for employing a large team of professional veterinarians, animal trainers, and behaviorists. 

Keep reading our detailed PetSafe Simply Clean review to learn how to put this unique litter box to work and provide your pets with a fresh and clean toilet at all times while saving time and money along the way. 

PetSafe Simply Clean homepage

PetSafe Simply Clean Components

At first, PetSafe Simply Clean looks confusing and even intimidating to users due to its technical design and lack of moving parts. In order to explain how this device works, we first have to go over its main components. 


The main parts of PetSafe Simply Clean (bottom to top), include: 

  • Base – The main frame of the device that keeps all the other parts together. 
  • Litter bowl – A round litter tray that sits on top of the base and features a litter level fill line to indicate how much litter you should pour in. 
  • Litter guard – A plastic add-on mounted on top of the litter bowl to prevent oversprays and litter flinging. 
  • Waste guide – The part of the base that “guides” the soiled litter and solid waste onto the conveyor. 
  • Conveyor – A transportation medium between the litter bowl and the removable waste bin. 
  • Conveyor cover – A removable plastic cover designed to protect the conveyor from any tampering that could prevent the device from functioning properly.
  • Removable waste bin – A secure waste trap designed to seal the soiled litter and prevent unpleasant odors and the spreading of microorganisms. 

On the back, PetSafe Simply Clean features a power connection port used to power the device. Once you connect the provided power adapter (with a 6-foot cord), the green indicator light next to the port should turn on.  

If the conveyor lid or removable waste bin are not fully in place, the light can turn off. This is a security feature designed to protect your pets, your family, and the device itself. To troubleshoot this issue, just make sure the waste receptacle and the conveyor cover are properly installed. 

How To Set Up PetSafe Simply Clean

Setting up the device looks much more intimidating and technically demanding than it actually is. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up this litter box properly: 

  • Remove PetSafe Simply Clean litter box and all of its components from the packaging. Place the box on a flat and firm surface. Remove the thumbscrews from the top of the conveyor and the center of the litter bowl. 
  • Lift the conveyor to an upright position. Attach the provided litter guard to the bowl by placing the tab at the narrow end of the guard under the bowl lip. Proceed by attaching the two vertical clips under the bowl lip as well. 
  • Slide the wide end of the litter guard under the conveyor while making sure to align the square post on the litter guard with the square hole on the conveyor. 
  • Lower the conveyor in its starting position and be mindful of the proper alignment of the waste guide. Put the screws back as well. 
  • Install the conveyor cover by aligning the posts and screws on the conveyor with the holes on the underside of the cover. 
  • Place the removable waste bin into the back slot on PetSafe Simply Clean. As we pointed out before, it is very important to make sure the bin is fully inserted and properly aligned. The litter receptacle can be used on its own or with a regular plastic bag as a liner. For additional protection against unpleasant odors, you can add a thin layer of baking soda and clean litter to the bin or plastic bag. 
  • Fill the litter tray with your favorite cat litter and make sure it does not go under or over the litter level fill line. Missing the line can cause the device to multifunction. 
  • Connect the device to your regular power outlet by inserting the end of the adapter into the power connection on the back of the main base. Once the green indicator light illuminates, your PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is ready. 

PetSafe Simply Clean litter box should only be used with a clumping, scoopable, clay cat litter. Using any different type will cause it to malfunction. Letting the litter level fall below the fill line can also interfere with the normal functioning of the device.

Never allow anything to rest directly on the power cord and do not plug in the adapter in an area where animals or people may walk over or trip on the cord. 

Testing The Litter Box

Since PetSafe Simply Clean moves so slowly, your pet will never notice the movement. However, if you want to test whether or not your device is functioning properly, you can perform a simple test recommended by the company: 

  • Place one piece of an adhesive tape on the litter bowl and the other on the base of the unit. 
  • After a couple of minutes, the two pieces should be several inches apart.
  • The test is done, so you can remove the tape.

How PetSafe Simply Clean Works

PetSafe Simply Clean is a unique self-cleaning litter box in that its litter bowl is constantly moving, even when your cat is inside the bowl. It takes the bowl one full hour to complete its rotation – and it is designed to move this slowly in order to prevent your cat from detecting any movement. 

Waste is sifted through the litter as the bowl rotates, pushing the clumps up until the conveyor can take over. The conveyor moves the waste from the bowl to the waste receptacle, where it is safely stored until thrown away. The waste bin also locks unpleasant odors and dangerous microorganisms.

The removable waste receptacle can be used on its own, but we advise you to line it with a plastic bag. To get rid of the waste, simply pull the bag out and throw it in the trash. If you have one cat, the company recommends disposing of the waste every two days.

PetSafe is quite adamant when it comes to the type of litter you should use with its Simply Clean litter box – you can choose any brand, as long as the litter is hard and clumping.

This litter box will not disturb your cat thanks to its slow rotation, it does not require fancy cat litter, it works with any plastic bag as a liner, and it uses less litter than traditional boxes since there is no daily scooping and refilling. 

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are the solutions to some of the most common problems you can encounter while using your PetSafe Simply Clean litter box: 

  • Waste is breaking into small pieces, which are falling through the conveyor – You are probably not using clumping, scoopable, clay cat litter or the litter level is below the fill line. 
  • Litter is gathering behind or at the base of the conveyor – You have probably filled the litter bowl above the fill line or the waste guide is not lowered. 
  • The box makes a grinding noise during rotation – Your device needs cleaning. Additionally, make sure there is no stray litter between the base of the box and the litter bowl. 
  • The conveyor is running backward or not moving waste at all – Test the litter bowl to make sure it is rotating. Reset the unit by unplugging the power adapter and waiting for 20 seconds before reconnecting. 
  • The unit is not receiving power/the indicator light is not on – The power adapter is not securely connected to the unit or the waste bin/conveyor cover/conveyor is not installed properly. 

If nothing helps, you can always call PetSafe’s Customer Care Center for additional help. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

Routine cleaning is necessary in order to keep your PetSafe Simply Clean operating at the highest level of performance. The company recommends cleaning it thoroughly every two weeks. 


To clean your PetSafe Simply Clean: 

  • Unplug the power adapter from the outlet and disconnect it from the box. 
  • Remove the litter receptacle and dispose of the waste. 
  • Lift up on the sides of the conveyor cover to remove it. 
  • Remove the thumbscrews from the top of the conveyor and the center of the litter tray. Lift it to an upright position. 
  • Remove the litter bowl by lifting it up and dispose of the used litter. 
  • If the device requires further cleaning, remove the litter guard by pulling up the tab at the end of the guard and the tabs on the bottom of the clips. The litter tray, litter guard, and waste receptacle can be immersed in water completely and washed with mild soap. However, you should never submerge or expose the base unit, electrical components, and the conveyor to water or cleaning solutions. Never use bleach and other aggressive chemicals to clean the device. 
  • Rinse and dry all the parts thoroughly before reassembling the unit. When needed, you can also clean the conveyor with a sponge or damp cloth. 

To reassemble your unit, simply follow the instructions provided in the setup section of our PetSafe Simply Clean review. 

PetSafe Simply Clean Design & Dimensions

PetSafe Simply Clean is a very modern-looking automated litter box that will fit perfectly in any room in your home.

The device measures: 

  • 28″ in length 
  • 19″ in width 
  • 10″ in height 

The weight of the box is 12.8lbs and the litter bowl measures 10″ from the center post to the litter guard. 

When it comes to color combinations, PetSafe Simply Clean features only one, a dirty white base and conveyor cover with a gray litter bowl and litter guard and a dark green waste bin. 

PetSafe Simply Clean Highlights

PetSafe Simply Clean is a unique device that implements a completely new way of scooping litter automatically, so you will need to use your manual litter scooper only to even out the litter. Here are some other benefits of this revolutionary device: 

Easy To Set Up & Use

PetSafe Simply Clean can be set up in only a few easy steps. Once plugged in, it performs its cleaning cycle automatically, so you can simply forget about it until the removable waste bin fills up. 

Automatic Self-Cleaning Cycle

The litter bowl constantly rotates and takes an hour to make a full circle, which means your cat will not notice he or she is being moved while going to the bathroom. This makes it an ideal solution for timid pets who are easily startled by sudden movement or loud sounds. During rotation, the litter clumps are pushed onto the conveyor that transports them into the waste bin. 

PetSafe Simply Clean Highlights

No Additional Supplies Required

PetSafe Simply Clean does not require any special liners, refills, litter trays or other expensive components in order to do its job. You can choose any clumping clay litter you like and the waste bin can be lined with a simple plastic bag. 

Good Odor Control

The removable waste bin provides decent odor control, which can be improved further by pouring some baking soda and clean litter into the plastic bag. 

Easy Litter Disposal

Once the waste bin is filled with soiled litter, you can simply take the plastic bag out, throw it in the trash, and replace it with a new one. 

Litter-Saving Solution

PetSafe Simply Clean uses less litter than your traditional litter boxes since you do not have to scoop the clumps manually and refill the litter tray every couple of days. 

Minimal Noise

Since it does feature a motor, PetSafe Simply Clean will produce some noise, but it is much quieter than similar motorized models.  

Affordable Price

PetSafe Simply Clean costs a lot less than other self-cleaning litter boxes while providing the same level of functionality. 

Low Electricity Consumption

Apart from saving money on litter and disposable components, PetSafe Simply Clean also requires less electricity in order to work.

Is PetSafe Simply Clean Right For My Cat(s)?

PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is designed to serve cats under 15lbs, which means it is not ideal for larger breeds in terms of room and comfort. On top of that, older, sick, and disabled cats will also have difficulties getting in and out. 

Therefore, this litter box is perfect for smaller and medium cats who have no troubles jumping and climbing. Thanks to its low noise levels, it is also ideal for timid felines who cannot get used to automated litter boxes. 

Is PetSafe Simply Clean Safe For My Cat(s)?

PetSafe Simply Clean does not have any exposed moving parts, which makes it perfectly safe for your pets. All of the edges are smooth and the litter bowl itself is circular, so there are no sharp corners or protruding elements that could injure your cat. 

The litter bowl is constantly moving but at such a slow pace that your cat will not even notice the movement. The sound of the motor can be heard, but it is still much quieter than any other self-cleaning litter box in its price range (and beyond). 

Is PetSafe Simply Clean Safe For My Cat

PetSafe Simply Clean Training Tips

Most cats will acclimate to PetSafe Simply Clean rather quickly and without any problems. Some cats, however, may require a short adjustment period, so here are a couple of tips to help facilitate the process: 

  • Place PetSafe Simply Clean next to your old litter box. Allow your pet access to both of them for at least one week. The timeframe will largely depend on the temperament of your cat. 
  • Stop cleaning the old litter box and allow it to remain dirty. All cats love clean litter, so the odors emanating from the old litter box will push him or her toward the new one. Before you know it, your cat will run away from the old soiled litter and start using his or her new toilet. 

PetSafe Simply Clean is super quiet while operating, but you still might want to leave it unplugged for a couple of days, so your pet can get used to it without any additional distractions. This especially goes if you have kittens under 6 months of age. Note that you will have to scoop the waste manually until the transition is complete. 

Cost & Returns

PetSafe Simply Clean costs $72.99, which is a very reasonable price for a motorized self-cleaning litter box. Models with similar functionality usually cost around $150 and go up to $500. On top of its budget-friendly price, PetSafe Simply Clean also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and a non-transferable limited 1-year warranty provided by Radio Systems Corporation. For the first year of ownership, the warranty will cover any labor and/or parts needed to remove any potential defects from your device.

The warranty will not cover any defects or damage caused by events, animals, and situations that go beyond regular residential conditions, including misuse, abuse, commercial use, neglect, improper installation, acts of God, use of non-PetSafe accessories, improper storage, impacts of foreign objects, improper or abnormal use, attempted repairs, alterations, and more. 

To get the most out of your warranty, you should register your device on the official PetSafe website within 30 days of purchase. You will need a sales receipt for this as well. 

For a warranty claim, you can always call PetSafe’s Customer Care Center (the US and Canada – 1-800-732-2677; Australia – 1800 786 608; New Zealand – 0800 543 054). 

Does PetSafe Simply Clean Live Up To Expectations?

Customers who bought and used PetSafe Simply Clean said the conveyor worked exactly as advertised and collected all the litter clumps without breaking them down into smaller chunks. There were some problems when users bought the wrong type of litter, but the issue was solved the moment they switched to the clumping clay variety. 

Customers also reported a significant drop in unpleasant odors since they started using this device. In most cases, cats started using the box right away without any need for special training or prolonged acclimation periods. According to users, their cats were not even aware of the circular movement. When it comes to negative reports, users reported the conveyor getting pretty hot, which is absolutely normal, according to the company. They also said their cats pushed litter out of the bowl, so the litter guard could definitely use a bit more height. 

A couple of customers reported troubles with the motor – that it either lacked the strength to power the conveyor properly or just outright died after a while. The good thing, however, is that PetSafe honors its 1-year warranty to the letter and fixes or replaces any malfunctioning components as quickly as possible. 


  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Automatic self-cleaning 
  • No additional supplies required 
  • Slow movement is ideal for timid pets 
  • Good odor control 
  • Easy litter disposal 
  • Uses less litter than traditional litter boxes 
  • Low noise output 
  • Extremely budget-friendly price tag 
  • Low power consumption 


  • Continuous rotation makes constant noise 
  • Litter guard should be higher 
  • No top hood 
  • Non-detachable conveyor can be challenging to clean 


To conclude this PetSafe Simply Clean review, we really like the overall design and functionality of this unique self-cleaning litter box. The design is quite attractive, so you will not have any difficulties fitting it into any room in your home, but more importantly, it is very efficient at what it does and perfectly safe for your feline friends. 

It completely eliminates the need for manual litter scooping since it sifts through the litter automatically and transports all the soiled clumps into the covered waste receptacle. It provides decent odor control and the litter guard prevents overspills and litter flinging. Apart from its impressive functionality, it is also very easy to clean and maintain and does not require any additional components, which saves a lot of money in the long run. 

Bottom line, PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is an excellent and cleverly designed product that will let you spend more time with your furry friends and less time thinking about scooping the litter. 

User Reviews (2)

PetSafe Simply Clean customer rating based on 2 user reviews.

The PetSafe Simply Clean reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Pepe | 08/06/2020


    First of all, if one is looking for something trouble free, forget it. Move on to something else. I recommend the plain old “cat house” or cat box to be more polite. True, you’ll have to bend over daily and deposit the waste, but you’ll have little to no headaches trying to fix the multiple problems you’ll encounter with this device.
    I am on my third, that’s right, third in two years. This review gets two stars simply because their support is outstanding….The product isn’t. I’m only with this now because they have given me free replacements.

    One of the weakest components of this device are the plastic cogs. They will wear out. Then one will have to get a replacement pack and redo the cogs….again, still plastic.
    Then the motors will eventually go….luckily mine didn’t last past the year warranty…..had to replace that one.
    After continuing problems they sent me a new one. Good coverage on their warranty. Again, why the two stars, otherwise it would have been 1 star.

    I have just received my third unit in two years. This one they said would only have a 90 day warranty. I’m guessing they’re losing some money on these now.
    I was a little put off by that, but wait! Once I put it together and started the marvel up, it came on for two minutes and then the “red” light came on indicating another I haven’t encounted before,.supposedly with the ramp that moves the waste up and drops it conveniently in the bucket. Well everything is still working, but the rep told me that maybe it was the new motor….so I replaced that and zowie! The same problem. It turns on, green light, and then two minutes later the red light comes on.

    Okay, there are numerous other issues that happens with this machine, like over filling the turnstile or waste collecting on the sides that has to be scraped off. One needs to clean and vacuum this thing regularly to keep the cogs clean and other components should be checked regularly, also.

    Does it save you time and headaches….I think not. Obviously, these positive reviews are either fake or from people that “think” they own a cat or haven’t used it very long at all.

    Again….if one thinks this is a time and headache saver, he/she would be hugely mistaken.

  2. Coleen Woodward | 06/21/2018

    I save a bunch of cash with this bad boy and I don’t have to think about liners, litter trays and all that shebang anymore. Would def like to see a hood on top though, even if I had to buy it as a separate accessory.

  3. Jen Green | 04/10/2018

    Amazing litter box It works exactly as advertised and doesn’t make as much noise as our other automatic litter boxes.

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