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UPDATED Jan. 2021
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PrettyLitter is non-clumping, odor-eliminating, super-absorbent silica gel litter developed by a team of scientists and veterinarians. It is a product of the eponymous California-based company, PrettyLitter, Inc., whose founder created PrettyLitter after losing his beloved cat Gingi.

In addition to facilitated scooping and odor control, PrettyLitter provides an easy way to keep track of your cat’s health. This color-changing litter warns you about potential illnesses by acting as a sort of a cat urine test. Learn more about how it works in this detailed PrettyLitter review.

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Why Choose PrettyLitter

In comparison to the majority of its competitors, PrettyLitter has 3 major advantages. It is unusually lightweight, it boasts above-average efficiency in absorption of liquids and odors, and its main distinctive feature is that it is designed to help with early detection of common cat illnesses. In this section of our PrettyLitter review, we will talk a bit more about the qualities that make PrettyLitter a good choice for your cat.

Health Monitoring

PrettyLitter lets you know if something is bothering your kitty by changing color if there is something unusual in your cat’s urine. If the litter is yellow, everything is fine. Red stands for blood detection, blue and dark green indicate abnormal alkalinity, and orange indicates abnormal acidity. Thus, monitoring color changes allows for early detection of health issues such as liver, kidney, and bladder diseases, UTIs, gallstones, inflammations, and even cancer.

The only trouble is that color changes may also be the result of modifications in your cat’s diet or environment and they may also occur in stressful situations. Thus, they are not 100% reliable, but they are still valuable indicators of potential health problems. If you notice that a color other than yellow appears for more than 48 hours, it is best to pay a visit to the vet.

Great Absorbent Power

With an absorption rate of more than 150%, PrettyLitter is able to easily and quickly soak in all the liquids. Its unique porous structure lets it efficiently trap odors and absorb moisture within seconds, thus leaving the bottom layers and surrounding litter unsoiled.

Why Choose PrettyLitter

Less Scooping

Since PrettyLitter does not clump, there are no urine clumps to scoop. You just need to remove the solids and we recommend daily scooping for maximum odor prevention.

80% Lighter Than Clay Litter

PrettyLitter is extremely lightweight, weighing approximately 80% less than most clay litters. Thus, it is easier to pour, replace, and carry around.

100% Cat-Safe

For more good news, PrettyLitter is perfectly safe and non-toxic. It primarily consists of silica gel, which is derived from natural materials, and it is combined with a proprietary formulation of indicators particularly designed with cats in mind and developed by scientists and veterinarians. Even if your cat swallows some of the litter, it will turn into dust in contact with gastric fluid and just pass through the digestive system, causing no harm.

Pleasant Texture

Silica gel litter is known for its sand-like texture. Since cats like soft, sandy toilets, PrettyLitter is sure to appeal to your kitty, as it feels nice under the paws.

PrettyLitter Performance

So far, we have focused on the characteristics that make PrettyLitter unique. Now it is time to see how this litter lives up to universally applicable criteria, including the ability to eliminate odors, dust, and tracking, as well as budget-friendliness reflected in the amount of litter you need to purchase every month.

Odor Control

PrettyLitter excels at odor elimination. Of course, if you do not scoop the poop for days, you can expect the litter box to get a bit smelly. However, with regular scooping, there are virtually no odors, as they are all locked inside the silica gel’s porous structure.

PrettyLitter Performance


Being so lightweight, PrettyLitter gets kicked out pretty easily and no significant reduction in tracking is observable. Thus, a litter mat is a necessity if you opt for this litter, but in all fairness, the same goes for the vastest majority of its competitors.

Dust Control

PrettyLitter is virtually dust-free. Some dust may form if you stir the litter vigorously, but most of the time, dust is not an issue.


Generally, one 4-pound bag of PrettyLitter is meant to be enough for 1 month of replenishing per cat. However, this only applies to small and medium-sized litter boxes and cats. If you have a large cat, you may need one and a half bag per month, as the minimum fill level is 2 inches.

Do Cats Like PrettyLitter?

Since PrettyLitter is dust-free, fragrance-free, odor-free, and sandy, most cats get used to it straight away. The color changes rarely bother kitties, as a cat’s color perception is inferior to that of a human. The litter’s sand-like quality is appreciated by the members of the feline species, as it is soft and pleasant and does not harm their paws.

If you used a different brand for a long time, it may be a good idea to mix in a bit of the old litter or transfer one urine clump and one solid clump into the new litter, just to help with the adjustment. However, with the majority of cat users, no special tricks are needed and the adjustment period is very brief.


PrettyLitter is available with a monthly subscription. You can opt for a 1-cat, 2-cat or 3-to-4-cat subscription. With the 1-cat subscription, you pay $21 per month and get a single 4-pound bag of PrettyLitter. The 2-cat subscription costs $39 per month and brings you 2 bags of PrettyLitter (8 pounds per month). The 3-to-4-cat subscription brings you 4 bags of Pretty litter (16 pounds) per month and costs $68.

Shipping is free for all orders within the continental US. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska may come with additional costs. Smaller Hawaii and Alaska orders normally come with free shipping. For larger orders, a shipping fee of up to $11.95 may apply. International shipping is available and the shipping costs vary across countries.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can modify or cancel your subscription at any time. Furthermore, PrettyLitter comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a whole month to decide whether you like PrettyLitter or want the company to issue a full refund.

  • Daily health monitoring
  • Great odor control
  • Excellent absorbent power
  • Soft, sandy texture
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Easy scooping
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Flexible subscription
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Poor tracking control
  • Color indicators are not 100% reliable
  • Not too affordable


At the end of this PrettyLitter review, we can conclude that this litter has multiple advantages, including top-notch odor control, great absorbent power, smooth, sandy texture, and above all, easy daily health monitoring. Cleaning is simple since you only need to scoop the solids and the lightness of the litter allows for effortless replenishment. While tracking is observable, we do not consider it a major flaw since virtually all litters suffer from the same issue.

We believe that this health monitoring litter is an important innovation that can be of great use in illness detection, helping cat parents provide timely treatment to their beloved feline companions. Combined with convenient cleaning, cat-attractiveness, and odor elimination, this crucial quality makes it a litter solution well-worth considering.

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  1. Katie from OutwitTrade | 04/14/2020

    Hey, excellent rundown on PrettyLitter – well done! I also tried it for my cat but had some issues with odor and it not clumping up, but I’d say it’s a good product overall. 3 stars overall for me. We also asked other cat owners and are compiling a bunch more reviews for it and most are positive.

  2. Mark Bennet | 10/14/2018

    I am mostly satisfied with pretty litter, but false alarms are a bit annoying. A week ago, I noticed the litter was bluish and we went to see the vet 2 days later and it proved to be nothing at all. I mean, it may have been something diet-related, but I was really worried and I don’t want to get scared every time my cat eats more fish than usual.

  3. Barb Kiser | 05/11/2018

    I am so happy I discovered Pretty Litter, it is such a relief, knowing that you are always aware of what is going on within your kitty’s body. I lost one kitty to cancer and it was the hardest and saddest moment in my life. This litter really makes me feel like I’m more in control, it means a lot.

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